What Is Contract Cover Vodacom

If you change your policy, your existing contract coverage will be terminated and you will need to request that the contract coverage be added to your new policy. If you cancel your policy at any time, you will not be reimbursed for the premiums paid because you would have received coverage. There is a three-month (90-day) waiting period for loss and theft coverage on any comprehensive mobile, laptop and tablet insurance, so you are only insured for accidental damage within the first 90 days and no theft damage is covered. « Participant Agreement » means the agreement between you and Vodacom under which your SIM card is activated by Vodacom and your device is activated for the Vodacom Mobile Service and all related services on the Vodacom network. You must provide all reasonable assistance to recover the lost or stolen device and identify it. As an added benefit, you are insured for worldwide travel up to 30 days per trip abroad, as long as your device is used with Vodacom SIM, which is listed in the attached schedule. You must enable roaming to take advantage of this benefit. If we have paid your claim for a lost or stolen device and your device is restored, the recovered device becomes our property. If you receive a replacement device in connection with a device that cannot be repaired economically, the damaged device becomes our property and must be returned to the Vodacom reseller who provided your replacement device. Online complaints can be submitted regarding www.vodacom.co.za loss, damage or failure for which the manufacturer or supplier is responsible, or which are covered by an ongoing maintenance contract or warranty. Other insurance: If the insured device is covered by another accident damage insurance policy, we will only be liable for a proportionate portion of the claim, except for the deductible you pay. Postpaid or additional contract fees plus R5,000 paid to your beneficiary.

Scheme Administrator Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd Tel: 082 1952 Fax: 011 546 9000 E-mail: [email protected] Website www.vodacom.co.za Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited (the insurer) undertakes to offer insurance in respect of this policy during each insurance period for which a premium is accepted. The insurer appoints Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd (the Administrator) to handle all policy-related claims, management and claims. This specific coverage is limited only to CLAIMS FOR DAMAGES. This means that in the event that your device is damaged, only approved repairs within the meaning of this policy are covered in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Please note that if your device is lost or stolen, you will not be covered by this policy. If the Insured Device is lost, stolen or damaged, you must report the claim to us as soon as possible after the loss is discovered and within 30 (thirty) days of the occurrence of the claim event. Yes, the policy only covers insured devices used WITH the Vodacom SIM card listed in your attached insurance plan. If your SIM card is blocked, locked or disconnected by Vodacom, the coverage provided in your policy will be suspended until Vodacom resumes your service.

We have the right to terminate your policy with 30 (thirty) days` notice in writing or by telephone. 3. The rights under this policy are limited to your Vodacom contract. This policy cannot be used to protect anyone other than you. Comprehensive and affordable funeral protection for you and your family. Choose the coverage that meets your specific needs, from R10,000 to R50,000. Vodacom customers have access to exclusive benefits. VodaSure allows you to choose coverage options that meet your needs. Replace your lost or stolen device within 48 hours – nationwide. Premiums start at R20 per month, call 082 1952 for more. « Specified Insured Supplements » is an optional benefit that can be selected with the full cell phone coverage option. This includes wearables.

All specified insured extras must be listed in the attached Annex and identified by a serial number. This policy applies only to insured devices used WITH the Vodacom SIM card listed in the attached annex. It is your responsibility to notify us in writing by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling us on 082 1952 if you change or update your device insured under this policy. In such cases, this may result in a new policy, a change in premiums and benefits, and the terms of the policy. Terms and Conditions • If you call Finrite to activate coverage, your coverage will be activated once the application is complete. You are insured against water damage on one of your devices. In case of accidental damage to your touch screen, we`ve got you covered. Any claim relating to additional equipment or accessories not covered by the insured extras specified by the covered option, including but not limited to carrying bags, battery chargers, hands-free kits, external antennas or hands-free kits. At Vodacom Financial Services, we make sure you have the right coverage that best suits your personal finances and lifestyle. .