3-Year In-Home Master Protection Agreement

You don`t have to do anything to renew the plan. If you have a current account, our contract will be automatically renewed. Whether your device is old or new, it is covered by Sears` Framework Protection Agreement. Does the Framework Protection Agreement apply to both old and new equipment? We recently tried to get our refund from Sears for a repair they couldn`t do. We had paid over $200.00. I still haven`t gotten any money back, and this after calling the company over and over again and getting the « walk around ». It was no longer part of a protection plan, but we would have to be reimbursed if they couldn`t solve the problem. After the 3rd time their repairer came out in a period of 2 weeks, we had to fight just for the repairer to fill out a form for our refund. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA — I`ve owned or purchased Sears appliances since the mid-1980s. Unfortunately, I had two extremely bad experiences with the master protection agreements on Kenmore Appliances that caused me to cancel my account. The straw that broke the camel`s back during a visit on December 6, 2017 was when the technician bluntly told my wife that she had broken the high-end and therefore did not fall under the agreement. In fact, I was at home when the first problem occurred and I knew that the hob was breaking due to the temperature and heat.

That is why I am extremely upset. Kimberly I`m in a similar situation. I have been a Sears customer for 40 years and I buy all my equipment from them as well as electronics, bedding, etc. They now refuse to support any of the products or maintenance contracts. I want to participate in the class action lawsuit against them. I can`t find a lawyer for Louisvillr to do that. Anyway, after more than 30 years of being exclusively a Kenmore family, the last two visits were full of incapacity, delay, inexperience and, on this last visit, rudeness. I have terminated my remaining protection contracts for all appliances I own, including the refrigerator, dishwasher and assortment, through SEARS and intend to close my SEARS account by the end of January. I would like to join the class action lawsuit in which I purchased my first Sears product in 1958.

I was in the military for 30 years and we always bought Sears equipment because no matter where we were in the United States, there was a Sears. We bought our current home in 1993. It had been fully equipped with Sears products. We have a protection agreement in place that covers all products purchased from Sears. It worked pretty well for a while, and then the thimngs for the Wors started to change. The first garden tools were no longer covered. Then the articles were limited to 20. Then HVAC systems became 4 elements. Microwaves have been eliminated. The service remained adequate. I`m glad I`m not alone here either! I`ve been working with Sears for a month.

Our washing machine is turned off and is still waiting to be repaired or replaced. I can`t convince a person to help me. I talked on the phone for 1 hour and a half and no answer. I can no longer do without a washing machine. Sears must pay for not abiding by its end of agreement. I bought the framework protection contract in 2016 and it ends in 2021. They keep telling me that the head of the service must approve any replacement and that they do not get an answer from him. I am here with you.

The customer service was so terrible, it`s criminal. The way my refrigerator repair is done will exceed a month of a refrigerator not working, no compensation, no alternative and three visits from technicians. The lemon-free warranty with my protection plan can never be fulfilled because the service comes so slowly and the refrigerator breaks down for so long. Sears gives you the race on the protection framework agreement, they don`t follow the policy, I had to struggle all my time to be on hold for 1-2 hours, and then I get hung up. This had been going on for months, I had over 4 repairs to my microwave and oven and Sears refused to replace. They pass you from representative to representative and no one helps you in the end. You do this so that you give up and they win. This is fraud. You take your money for the protection agreement, but you don`t want to pay for it. Or follow it. Years ago, Sears wasn`t great anymore.

Now that they have representatives from abroad, Japan or Vietnam who do not speak English well. They keep saying, I understand they put you on hold, and then they hang up. I had to call the Attorney General`s Office to win my case. Sad to say that anyone who buys a guarantee from Sears doesn`t have to fight the company to get what it paid for. Sears is a big annoyance and they go to great lengths to pass the buck to each other so they don`t have to help you. This should be a sears class action lawsuit. Help us bring a class action under Sears` Framework Protection Agreement. KEARNY, NEW JERSEY – Purchase of a 24-inch Craftsman snow blower on 10/15/2016, as well as a 5-year home repair contract. I called the group number of the protection agreement in my brochure, the website listed in the brochure.

I called the client representation group and all possible numbers without success. Although my purchase contract receipt says IN HOME REPAIR, they can`t ask at home unless I agree to pay for a home visit. I spent more than 5 hours a week solving this problem without success. I have been a product customer with Sears for over 40 years. Even if they go bankrupt, they lost me forever. Still waiting for a replacement dishwasher. Repair plan in July 2020. In fact, I received an agreement for a replacement in November after persistent efforts, but after postponing delivery three times, nothing more. Fraud. Plaintiffs Nina Greene and Gerald Greene allege that they entered into and paid for several equipment service contracts with Sears from 1994 to 2014, but that these agreements did not cover their products. Have a framework protection contract for Samsung microwaves via Sears.

First stop on June 20 piece delivered on July 3 without some parts that were newly ordered by Tech and now delivered only on July 24 at 18:30.m. Now can`t be installed until the 26th because tomorrow it`s to feel that the park took more than 20 days to reach the chair and now Sears once again 2 days before they fix, how can I join this class action lawsuit, I have a protection plan for my Kenmore refrigerator. It was leaked on 26 April. Ruin my kitchen tiles, closets and living room rugs. I had to file a claim with my state agricultural insurance. Sears replaced the filter housing on June 16, 2021. On the 26th. August my fridge was leaking again.

they replace a leaking valve. Must make another claim with my insurance company. Sears won`t give me a new refrigerator. Sears says that after 3 visits you`ll get a new refrigerator, but as long as they have parts, they won`t replace it. I had to pay at the state farm 2 deductibles in the amount of 5000 US dollars. I have had protection plans for all my devices for over 40 years. They are scammers. If you`re looking for how to get a part of it, let me know that I`m so frustrated having to call every week to see if they even added the main protection I bought in 2019, I`m so emotionally desperate about it and the thought of having to call them back every time becomes too much. Is there a recent class action lawsuit against Sears? Otherwise, they should exist. I have been without a refrigerator in working order for 4 months. I had the 3 attempts to fix it and the fourth attempt they can`t fix it because the part is no longer available.

Now they hesitate with their feet and make one excuse after another to replace them. Breach of contract. They quickly take my money to renew my agreement. Apparently, there are many others who get the same race one lap. Here too. The fridge broke in October. They do not respect their agreement. Sears is in breach of contract. One department blames another.

They even blame the technology they sent for repair, which was a third party they chose. Terrible customer service. They lie and tell you that they will call you back in a few days after the exam. No one ever checks anything. Again and again at the beginning, when I call back after hours of waiting. I`m supposed to get a replacement for my contract that they don`t fulfill. What a scam! You have to pay! I also have the same problem with Sears. My fridge is not working very well. I`ve had so many repairs now and a Sear Technician who thought it was fixable and they still won`t help me. I had also bought the framework agreement.

I bought a heating and cooling protection master plan and they referred me for two hours on the phone and told me that different departments had to take care of it. They told me that my device was not replaceable. NEW JERSEY — I had a Sears framework contract for our HVAC systems for 20 years. .